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National Insurance Awareness Day.

National Insurance Awareness Day.

Yes, there is one. Really. Us insurers have our day on 28 June. The day after National Bingo Awareness Day.

Insurance isn’t renowned for being a hot topic round the dinner party table or down the pub. It’s a grudge purchase. A necessary evil. Something most people and businesses try not to think about until the dreaded renewal day – or in the event of an unwelcome accident or incident.

That’s when us insurers become the unsung heroes of the FS world. We’re there to save the day when the hammers come down.

Insurance in the UK rose like a phoenix from the flames around the time of the Great Fire of London, where the devastation drove some canny cockney to conjure the idea of property insurance.

From there sprang the many forms of insurance we know today – from home and motor to health, wealth and business liability to alien abduction, ghosts and body parts.

Yes, you read that right.

Insurance that’s out of this world.

If you have ghosts haunting your business, who you gonna call? Maybe your insurer wouldn’t be your first port of call, but believe it or not, some UK business owners have insurance policies to protect their business and employees from the spooky supernatural.

You may not believe in aliens, but it turns out that many do. One London company has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction policies throughout Europe.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, Julia Roberts has reportedly insured her smile for $30 million, Beckham’s legs are protected by a $195 million policy and Keith Richards hands have a $1 million price tag.

National Insurance Awareness Day was created to remind people and businesses about the importance of their insurance plans and policies.

We couldn’t agree more. With over 30 years’ liability experience, we’re an old hand in the insurance world. Or so we thought. 

Insurance actually dates back to 3000-2000 BC and was even found inscribed on the Code of Hammurabi, the first written laws.

Share that little known fascinating insurance fact at you next diner party or board meeting.