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Public liability

Public liability claims can be costly. That’s why your clients may be better off with cover from Irwell.

All businesses have a duty to ensure that members of the public are safe and secure while on their premises. But we all know accidents can happen, inside or outside business property – or even off site.

Although not a legal requirement, public liability cover makes good business sense for any organisation that comes into contact with members of the public.

“Unforeseen risks are an inevitable part of running a business. But having peace of mind is invaluable for business owners, and that’s what our public liability cover provides.”
Lee Sunderland
Senior underwriter

In your client’s best interests

If your clients operate in sectors where dealing with the general public goes hand-in-hand, day in, day out, Irwell could provide the cover they need.

With 30 years’ public liability experience, we understand that no two businesses or sectors are alike, and neither are the risks they potentially pose to the public.


Helping to keep people safe with SafeCheck

We are proud to  include a health and safety review with our liability insurance policies.

SafeCheck is a specialist service that can be tailored to the unique requirements of each business. Being compliant with your health and safety obligations will protect you, your business, your staff and anyone who could be affected by your business activities.

An insightful report highlights workplace vulnerabilities and gives practical advice and actions to achieve HSE compliance. It also points out the areas where your clients are performing well.

SafeCheck makes good business sense.

We distribute policies via brokers and intermediaries. We do not sell directly to the public. If you are seeking insurance cover, please contact an insurance broker to discuss your requirements.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) provide a facility to search for brokers.

This can be accessed here or by calling 0370 950 1790.